Trobles a Female face

Where were you when I was being harassed?
Why do you always switch the channel of news when a rape case is being discussed?
Let the women of your house too know the bitter truth of the place we live in.
In India in every 30 minutes a girl is raped
(read in times of India
Why is rape at such an increased rate in India.
Why does the society does not have any rules for men like they have for women?
The society always teach that the men is the boss but No! That's not true
They both are human beings. They both are provided the rules equally.
In earlier times when a girl used to be born they used to kill her but instead they should think that you are also given birth by a women only and if your mother was killed like you are killing your daughter now. How would have you been born?
When we watch someone being harassed why do we just watch that scene and do not help ?Why don't we think that she maybe also someone's mother, daughter, sister, wife or even a friend and like the same way she is asking for help today maybe someday someone you know also needs help and like the way you are thinking to escape there from as soon as possible the person from whom she is asking for help will think the same way.( I know a bit complicated to read😆) Instead think about all the troubles and pain she is facing right now and if you help her you save a life.
I actually cannot understand what is wrong in helping someone? Even I'm a girl and I am afraid that if one day this happens with me too will I also not get help?(I wish this day never come in anyone's life ever not even in the darkest of dreams)Don't you all also feel bad by hearing all this?
These days the most searched thing on porn sites is "rape of an eight year old girl Aasifa"
Have people totally lost their minds?
I was shocked to read that there were two cops involved in the rape. By reading this it just made me feel like loosing me trust from police too!. If they will also do such things then to whom will I go to tell my problems and ask to take action.
This thought made me more strong that now we women have to fight for ourselves there will only be few who will support us so we have tom make ourselves strong and make those rapists feel that Instead of just  Lord Durga and Lord Lakshmi if we became Lord Kali those rapists will not be able to survive.(Just heard this on a daily soap and just felt like to share this thought with you)
I never chose feminism as my sword till I saw the increasing rate of rape and harassment.
Thankyou for reading me



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