By being a part of this young generation I am sure this thing annoys you too and that is "CORRUPTION".
Corruption here! Corruption there!
As far as my eyes can see I can very easily find corruption almost everywhere in India. By being a part of this country I am ashamed of it totally. Aren't you? 
What's wrong with Indians only?
(No such personal offence to anyone)
Even if you want admission in a nice school you definitely have to pay donation. Bribing someone leads nothing except crime. Why do we don't understand it?
One day will surely come if we keep going like this and not stop corruption that corruption will eat our lives.
Even in hospital they ask you for money first, they don't care that by what troubles the patient and his/her family is going on. What they just want is their money.
Was this thought to you in your medical collages? NO!
These days I can barely find people who don't give bribe to get their work done.
Stop taking bribes or even stop giving it instead of encouraging it and saying it's a part of system.
(If anyone got hurt due to my words I'm sorry for it but my message is I think loud and clear 


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