Happiness of Giving

Some months back when I was clearing my cupboard to put new books in and take out my old books and give them to someone who needs them while doing it, I found a question paper of English and instead of keeping it aside I just thought to read it and found a Comprehension in the reading part. The comprehension is based over happiness which lacks in India a lot so I wish that by sharing this  may your thoughts too change alike me and you get a smile over your face too😁

If you damn up a river, it stagnates. Running water is beautiful water so be a channel.If anything comes pass it on ,don't cling
If you're not selfless, you can never be restless. Nobody can upset you, nobody can disturb you. No selfish person can ever find peace, and no selfless person can ever be upset or disturbed.
Anytime you feel even a little bit disturbed sit quietly and ask"Why am I disturbed?" "What is the reason?". Don't try to blame someone else. Ask yourself if you had an expectation for something to happen . When you want something to happen and it does not happen, you get upset. "I loved him so much but he did not love me back so I'm upset". Here you lost two things: one you lost his love and your peace of mind.
The selfish person always loses twice. If you think instead "I'm loving for the sake of love as loving makes me happy" that happiness cannot be taken away by anybody. It is not based on somebody doing something or something that may happen later.
Enjoy the happiness of giving. Don't disturb it by expecting anything even a thanks. If you receive thanks, you lose the happiness of having given. And what is the cause for your disturbance? You.
What is the cause for disappointment? Your appointment. When an appointment is disturbed< it's called a "disappointment".
When you act if you have a personal motive or if you expect a reward, you build up tension even before you start. There is expectation and anxiety. there is fear of loosing something. Instead, if the mind is kept free from any expectations, and if your action is done just for the sake of action, for the sake of other, then that action is a perfect one.
If the results of an action bring benefit to all concerned without bringing harm to even one person, it's a perfect action. If you give 1000 bucks to someone who is standing near a bar, you cannot call it a help. If a mother feeds child all candies he wants to eat, she is not helping the child. In each cases giving is causing harm to someone.
Ask yourself weather you are doing it for selfish reasons or for the benefit of others. If it is for selfish reasons, you may often go wrong. but, if it is for the benefit of others you will never go wrong
Once, a father was carrying his child on one arm and a package in the other, when the child said," Father, let me hold your package so you will be carrying less." The father just laughed and gave the package to the child. Ultimately, everything is being carried by god, but selfish or egoistic people still like to carry things by themselves. The ego says,"I've to do it for myself". Fine, do it; and when you do it you will become responsible for it. That is what we call "Karma". You do something by yourself, for your sake and you have to face the result. If you do something fro the benefit of humanity in his name, without the least personal expectation, it becomes 'Karma Yoga'. The benefit might come but you don't expect it. In karma Yoga you are free from he results, either pleasure or enmity.
The minute you want something for your sake, you are restless until you get it. Once you get it you're still not really happy because you still don't want to lose it. If you don't get it, you suffer anger, hatred, enmity.
But, if your want is not for your sake, you don't worry about the result. Eliminate selfishness from your life .The minute you decide to lead a selfless life eternal happiness is yours.

I think that is enough for today and it's too late now and I am sleepy too.


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