You behave like an open book and yes I agree,
You are an open book, whose pages are filled with an invisible ink;
At times you can’t even kill a mosquito for me,
But when it comes about my being harmed
you are not less than a gangster
You always say you hate me
But i know that in my absence you love me;
You never show me any love and care,
But if I  shed even a single drop of tear,
your heart even gets flooded with it;

~Krati Khandelwal

Friends; Part-1

This week I am going to tell my readers about my friends. Friends are a really big part of your life and my friends instead of just saying to stay in my bad times they even do that and I am thankful to them for that. in these blogs instead of writing their names I'll write the names by which I call them😜

DEVIL She is my childhood friend, we're friends since 13 years. I met her on my very first day of school and I feel myself lucky to say that she is still one of my mains. Let me today disclose a thing here that my passion, my love for writing is adopted from her. She was the one who edited my first  poem. She had edit my four poems and when I wrote my fifth, that day she was like"At last, you wrote something nice on your own today. Bitch! I don't want to loose you and I'm so sure you're not going anywhere leaving me. Look I'm not one of those who is going to thank you to listen to my rants as if you're my best friend you'll surely have to do that…

Happiness of Giving

Some months back when I was clearing my cupboard to put new books in and take out my old books and give them to someone who needs them while doing it, I found a question paper of English and instead of keeping it aside I just thought to read it and found a Comprehension in the reading part. The comprehension is based over happiness which lacks in India a lot so I wish that by sharing this  may your thoughts too change alike me and you get a smile over your face too😁
If you damn up a river, it stagnates. Running water is beautiful water so be a channel.If anything comes pass it on ,don't cling If you're not selfless, you can never be restless. Nobody can upset you, nobody can disturb you. No selfish person can ever find peace, and no selfless person can ever be upset or disturbed. Anytime you feel even a little bit disturbed sit quietly and ask"Why am I disturbed?" "What is the reason?". Don't try to blame someone else. Ask yourself if you had an expec…

Trust becomes doubt

Today when I was just scrolling through my Pinterest account just found this lovely poem to share with my readers as I somewhere feels the same. Do comment if you too feel the same.

Life is full of unexpected things,
Luckily, you can be friends with your enemies.😈
Unfortunately, your friends turn to your enemies💢
Life is full of surprises🎁
Funny it may seems; 😁
At the same time it will hurt you truly.💔
I have been hurt so many times in my life
That made me trusts less😓
And doubt more with the people surrounding me.👀
If I could only turn back time,⏲
To where, I once knew how to trust whole heartedly.❤

Once a friend of mine told me "Make your enemies closer than your best friends" And that is what I'm doing.

Trobles a Female face

Where were you when I was being harassed?
Why do you always switch the channel of news when a rape case is being discussed?
Let the women of your house too know the bitter truth of the place we live in.
In India in every 30 minutes a girl is raped
(read in times of India
Why is rape at such an increased rate in India.
Why does the society does not have any rules for men like they have for women?
The society always teach that the men is the boss but No! That's not true
They both are human beings. They both are provided the rules equally.
In earlier times when a girl used to be born they used to kill her but instead they should think that you are also given birth by a women only and if your mother was killed like you are killing your daughter now. How would have you been born?
When we watch someone being harassed why do we just watch that scene and do not help ?Why don't we th…


By being a part of this young generation I am sure this thing annoys you too and that is "CORRUPTION". Corruption here! Corruption there! As far as my eyes can see I can very easily find corruption almost everywhere in India. By being a part of this country I am ashamed of it totally. Aren't you?  What's wrong with Indians only? (No such personal offence to anyone) Even if you want admission in a nice school you definitely have to pay donation. Bribing someone leads nothing except crime. Why do we don't understand it? One day will surely come if we keep going like this and not stop corruption that corruption will eat our lives. Even in hospital they ask you for money first, they don't care that by what troubles the patient and his/her family is going on. What they just want is their money. Was this thought to you in your medical collages? NO! These days I can barely find people who don't give bribe to get their work done. STOP CORRUPTION! Stop taking bri…


He says "I should do this", society usually agrees
When a girl says the same the society usually disagrees.
Don't teach girls what to wear,
Teach boys not to stare.
She is not just 'asking for it' by showing her long legs in the skirt.
She is not wearing shorts so that you can whistle and say "Hey There! Sexy"
She is fierce.
She is true.
She is not anymore afraid of you.
And always remember; she is neither higher nor lower but equal to you.
Respect her.
As maybe someday one can also do the same once you did.

(Yes, you can find some matching lines in other poems too but it does not mean this whole content is copied.)