Friends; Part-1

This week I am going to tell my readers about my friends. Friends are a really big part of your life and my friends instead of just saying to stay in my bad times they even do that and I am thankful to them for that. in these blogs instead of writing their names I'll write the names by which I call them😜

She is my childhood friend, we're friends since 13 years. I met her on my very first day of school and I feel myself lucky to say that she is still one of my mains. Let me today disclose a thing here that my passion, my love for writing is adopted from her. She was the one who edited my first  poem. She had edit my four poems and when I wrote my fifth, that day she was like"At last, you wrote something nice on your own today. Bitch! I don't want to loose you and I'm so sure you're not going anywhere leaving me. Look I'm not one of those who is going to thank you to listen to my rants as if you're my best friend you'll surely have to do that.
"It doesn't matter me where I'm, I'm yours".


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