Hey There People!
I know it's not mother's day today but do you like really need a day to write for your mum?
Mother is actually Someone who has to sacrifice their thin, slim and sexy body just in order to let you come into this world😂 She keeps you for nine months inside her and that is a longgg time. By birth only you and your mum are attached to each other emotionally but still as we grow up we start giving her less attention and less time.
You know whenever she asks you to go on shopping with her or going on a dinner date with her or even if she asks you to sleep with her Just do that as maybe one day she is in hospital and when you actually wish to do any of these things you might not be able to as the hospital bed is a single bed and then you regret [I wish no one have to face such things].
Once someone I admire, someone who means a lot to me, who means to be my whole world once told me
"Just gain your mother's faith and trust and things will be alright "
And this is really true
Thankyou Mr. Anonymous for this advice (I wish when you will be reading this blog you feel like Oh! Yes Krati is talking about none other than me👅)
Spend time with your mum and make memories which never fade. Sometimes in your mother's absence also life feels incomplete.


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